Discipline Procedures


Discipline Outline

Red Light, Green Light

*The classroom has a large stoplight that includes a green, yellow, and red light.  Each student will have a clothes pin with their name written on it.  The goal of the day is to stay on the green light.  If they have trouble following directions, they will have to move their pin to the yellow light and then the red light.  Below describes the consequences of moving their pins. 

Student stays on the Green Light: receive a stamp on their hand at the end of the day.  This way you can monitor your child’s behavior from home. *Each student receives one warning before moving to the yellow light.

Student moves to the yellow light: 10 minutes off the second recess. They will not receive a stamp at the end of the day.  

Student moves to the red light: miss all of their next recess

 *We will also have whole classroom goals to reach for special surprises throughout the year.