Spelling Program

Spelling Program Overview 


  There will be a new set of words each week.  Your child will also practice their words each day during class time.  They will complete the following activities in the classroom: 

Monday: Write words two times on first grade lined paper.  They will receive a spelling and handwriting grade on this activity.  They must have their letters sitting on the bottom lines and touching the top lines when necessary.  They should not begin a word with a capital letter. 

Tuesday:  Look, Say, Cover, Write, and Check activity or other spelling practice activity.  They will use a folder cut into three sections to lift and cover their words to practice. 

Wednesday: Trial test will be given.  If your child does not miss any words, they will not have to take the final test on Friday. 

Thursday: Write three sentences using spelling words.  They will be graded on starting their sentences with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark.  They will also need their spelling words spelled correctly.  They do not need to spell other words correctly. 


Friday: Final test will be given.  Students who missed words on the trial test will take the final test.  Then, the entire class, including those who passed the trial test, will write one sentence or more.  The sentences will include spelling words of that week.  The test will be given on first grade lined paper. 


Important Website: To help reinforce the spelling words each week, there is an excellent website titled “Spelling City”.  It includes games and activities which make learning the spelling words a lot of fun.  Each first grade class will use this site during computer lab and classroom time.  We encourage the children to use this site at home as extra practice.  Please follow the directions below to access this website at home: 

1.    type in www.spellingcity.com  

2.    You will see a section in which you may search for a teacher.  Please type in nps first 

3.  You will then select the name npsfirst.   

4. Then, you will click the unit of the week the class is studying. You will see a selection of games and activities for your child to select from. Have fun!  

*If you have any questions, please contact me

*Happy Spelling!